Increasingly I find myself exploring motion in still photography.  I find the idea of capturing motion with my still camera, while holding a video c...

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Movement in Stills

I am fascinated by the creative process, regardless of profession. What motivates and inspires people to create? Who are these artists, musicians, che...

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A New Creative Project

Getting a little distance from the light pollution of the city is such a thrill. I can stay outside for hours, gazing at the heavens.  This year has...

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Night Sky

heading home

I so love capturing the beauty that surrounds me with my cameras and sharing all that I experience on social media.  I’m very bad at updating ...

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Open for business!


Originally posted on this day in 2010 Marie’s calling me, “Simon, quick, I think I’m looking at otters.”  As I arrive on the deck, the sleek ...

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The Otter Gang